Trommpo is a creative project by fashion designer Catalina Bouza.
Originally from Uruguay , she lived in London where she graduated from Central Saint Martins, and it was while living there, when a friend asked her to design for a new childrenswear label,  that she discovered how interesting and challenging designing for kids was.

She then went back to Uruguay where she and husband Dean Xavier founded Trommpo in 2010, the brand had its own little factory and shop and sold in boutiques around the world. But  after having two children and deciding to move back to Europe, the brand was left on hold  to focus on the family.

The family is now based on the island of Ibiza, where their third child was born, and Catalina is taking time again to work on what she loves.

Trommpo pieces are created based in projects and collaborations, away from seasons or collections, as a way of developing in a slow and uncompromising way, enjoying the process.

The inspiration comes from the creative world: modernism, constructivism, origami , the Bauhaus, Montessori, old school wooden toys, pattern construction, while approaching those references with freshness, as if looking at them through children eyes, usually involving her own kids and  their friends on the creative process.

The result are playful and bold pieces with abstract graphics and an unexpected use of colour, aimed to encourage children imagination and express their  individuality.

The garments are made locally, in small quantities, having in mind the sustainability of everything involved.

Trommpo´s imagery aims to communicate the joy of living, freedom of movement and endless curiosity of childhood.